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for students to learn about global issues, take actions, get rewarded and build an impactful profile!



Find the issues you care about, take action to Solve them!​


Access world-class learning resources to aid your process​ of Solving


Earn rewards and gain recognition as you Solve!​

Become part of an exclusive group of teenagers in the world with a


Now, top universities and organisations can
evaluate you for more than just your academics and scores!


What can you do on Terraekam?


Voice your opinion on issues you care about​


Solve issues, one small action at a time!


Join like-minded Solvers and learn together


Get a host of learning resources- Byte-sized videos and courses.


From Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenges to Hackathons, STEM competitions, Model UN's and more, choose your own PLAYground to compete with yourself and other SOLVERS!




for every action you take, and use it to redeem exciting Rewards!


Some of the world's most prestigious organisations and institutions are coming together on Terraekam, to support YOU on your Solver Journey!

(Partial list of Worldview’s past & present partners)


Subscription Plans Terraekam is exclusively for Teenagers currently in Middle or High School. Choose between a Starter Plan and an All-Access Pro Plan to start your Solver journey.


Free foreverforever

A limited-access plan to get you started on your Solver Journey​

  • Discover activities based on your Skill, Interest or Impact Goals and Take Action!​​
  • Access Byte-Sized Learning Content to support you in your Solver Journey​​
  • Participate in Live Events curated on a range of topics​​
  • Earn Solver Cred for the actions taken and use them to redeem Rewards​​
  • Build your Solver Profile (a dashboard of your impact)​​


INR 9,600/- (₹ 800/mo billed annually) Inclusive of 18% GST

An all-access plan with a host of exclusive benefits.

All Starter Account benefits +​​

  • Exclusive Premium SAYs and SLAYs with increased Solver Cred earning opportunity
  • Certified PLAY’s hosted in partnership with Global Organisations, Universities and the UN (2 per year included, 50% discounts on additional). Includes:​​
    • Harvard Innovation Challenge​​
    • AIM (Act2Impact Model UN)​​
    • Tomorrow,Today- SDGs based Innovation Challenge ​​
    • STEMpact- Science, Technology, Engineering & Math based Challenge​​
    • Cities of Tomorrow Entrepreneurship Challenge​​
  • Specially curated SuperLIVEs​​
    • Hackathons and College Readiness​​
    • Career Forums
  • An exclusive catalogue of rewards including Discount Vouchers, Subscriptions and Merchandise​​
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Frequently Asked Questions

Always curious? Love to experiment? Born to help others? Inborn writer? Charismatic story-teller? Well, our list goes on and on! We have something for everyone. Teenagers can start their journey and discover their passion along the way. The world’s most prestigious Universities and Organisations today are looking for young people with more than just good academic performance. There is a demand for people with transformational leadership capacities. These can be built by engaging in learning that is rooted in real-world problem solving. Terraekam provides teenagers a platform for this. With Terraekam, teenagers can learn about global issues, take action and build a Solver Profile! 

So, what if Gen-Z can’t decide who runs the country! Teen’s the name and they can change the game. Anyone between 13-18 years can be a part of Terraekam.

Terraekam is a self-paced platform. We believe that ‘doing-well’ is a personal benchmark rather than any pre-defined minimum. As such, we do not define any limitations on how much time a user needs to spend on Terraekam. We encourage our SOLVERS to take action as per their motivation, time and schedule.

We don’t believe Life is a race. Be the Tortoise or the Hare, we leave it to the users. 

As many as one is motivated to do! Our Free Starter Account comes with access to a limited number of activities and learning resources. However, our Pro Account gives users full access to all SAYs, SLAYs, LIVEs and DIVEs on Terraekam. Keep on SOLVING! 

No, it is not mandatory to have an adult involved to sign up. However, please note that your legal guardian is assumed to have read & understood the Terms & Condition document on our website. 

Smile! No pressure to be under the watchful eyes of an elder.

Terraekam is conceptualised, designed, developed and managed by Worldview Education. Our team has experience of having worked with over 36,000 teenagers across 21+ countries over the last 12 years since our inception. Our content team also includes many Gen-Z young adults who bring their fresh perspectives to the activities on Terraekam.

Users will get a full refund of the Subscription Fee if a Cancellation Request is placed within 15 days after signing up on Terraekam. Refund requests after this period are not accepted. Please write to us on with your Cancellation Request. 

No, we have a strict policy against the sale of user data to advertisers. Any information about the various activities, opportunities, rewards that are launched by our partner organisations for the benefit of our users, will be sent exclusively through the Terraekam communication channels.